Welcome to PokéStop 

We are located in Orlando, FL near UCF

Enjoy a delicious and fresh Asian fusion cuisine that your 

taste buds and heart will thank you for.

Poké is a traditional Hawaiian dish around for centuries.

Try a taste of SOMETHING different!


What is a Poké Bowl? It's best visualized as a "raw fish salad bowl" and is widely popular around the world, it is known for being a healthy, scrumptious, and has a savory unique style of eating raw fish.


Poké actually means “sliced or cut” in Hawaiian and contains mouthwatering chunks of raw, marinated tuna or salmon, prepared on cooked rice while topped with fresh vegetables, topped with special house-made sauces.


What is our Far East Tacos? Our fish tacos are a unique concept created by our Master Chef. It combines fried sheets of wonton wraps and is stuffed with chunks of Pokè (Ahi Tuna, Salmon, or any choice of protein), along with other fresh vegetables.


The base layer includes shredded lettuce, protein, and is topped off with any house-made sauces that you can enjoy on the go! The shells are finished with a layer of pressed tortilla and served with lime wedges.




What is a Sushi Roll? A very traditional Japanese dish with vinegared rice or also known as

"Sushi Rice" is then wrapped in nori (seaweed), and rolled with other fresh ingredients like fish, seafood, and crunchy vegetables.

Monday - Saturday 

11:00am - 9:30pm


11:00am - 9:00pm